The Report

+ G2 eCultures Europe 2012
A comprehensive study about digital behavior

What is it?

A pan-European study aimed at providing an in-depth understanding on the habits and perceptions of consumers around the use of digital in their daily lives, comprising not only the World Wide Web (usage of the Internet and its implications) but also other dimensions of digital life (for instance mobile digital devices).

The understanding goes beyond identifying and describing consumer typologies (behavioral and attitudinal segmentation) but more importantly provides insight on how brands should relate with consumers and extract the business value of this ever-changing ecosystem.

Why it is relevant to brands?

G2’s eCultures helps Brands and Co‘s to succeed in the ‘Digital Era’ through “DOs” & “DONTs” recommendations and identifying gaps between what communication/digital professionals think and ‘real’ consumers feel and do.

The study explores internet users’ everyday digital activity, delving deep into the relationships between consumers and brands online - revealing the different typologies present in the ecosystem - and uncovering ways brands can most effectively improve these relationships.

It also identifies Influencers, i.e. those individuals that will step ahead to act as ambassadors within their peers and who can pose strong alliances to succeed in the digital world.

G2 and eCultures Europe

eCultures reveals attitudes, perceptions, adoption barriers and generational gaps using qualitative (in-depthinterviews and online forums) and quantitative techniques (questionnaires, visual psychology-based interactive methods) through G2´s proprietary research tool: G2 Engage:

· The first study to explore - based on visual and interactive methods - European internet users’ feelings about their digital lives (personal, social and commercial) and to relate these back to their interactions with brands in the digital space. As a result, it reveals how marketers can leverage the opportunities technology brings to approach and interact with consumers.

· The eCultures study was conducted in Fall 2011. +6.500 consumers were interviewed in six countries (UK, Spain, France, Germany, Romania and Russia) chosen to cover the range of digital penetration across Europe. The study was fielded via online panels who voluntarily accepted participating in an interactive survey.