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The big challenge for brands online is to engage consumers with new proposals that will enrich their leisure activities through inspirational and enjoyable experiences. The digital activities are somewhat more leaned towards management than towards entertainment, but today’s consumers are looking for new experiences that add excitement to their life.

There are opportunities to increase interaction by making the brand information more relevant, inspirational and appreciated by consumers, these include:

  • Building trust with consumers by showing that the brand respects individual privacy and personal space
  • Creating customer services to facilitate help and support when issues arise
  • Always help the consumer to find the best option with the best price
  • Offer tangible benefits like discounts to build a strong brand commitment
  • Improve brand interaction through smartphones, which will form an emotional engagement in a less intrusive way that won’t not disturb the consumer
  • Social media has increasingly become more relevant, with sites like Facebook and Twitter a key touchpoint. Brands must seize these opportunities to better engage and communicate with consumers
  • Branded content is a method of advertising largely accepted by consumers that browse the internet, therefore brands should adopt codes of this form promotion in their communications

Finally, brands need to remember that consumers are different and therefore require personalized experiences to help to facilitate their digital adoption process. Shopping online has achieved consideration among digital users but still lacks conversion. Brands can increase sales by helping users have a more satisfactory experience and making them feel comfortable and safe with the process that will lead to online transactions.

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