Who we are

Pietro Leone · CEO G2 Europe / Middle East / Africa
Introducing G2

Clients come to G2 to help them maximise Brand Commitment. We do this using a powerful suite of unique and proprietary tools to gain insight into the consumer’s Purchase Decision Journey™, from consideration to brand selection.


I am therefore delighted to announce that we have completed our first G2 eCultures Europe study, providing what we hope will be an invaluable tool in your brand-building efforts.

With unprecedented analysis of the behavior of digital users across the EU, this study assesses consumer barriers, behaviors, motivations and attitudes to define key insights and identify opportunities for marketers to build their brands and businesses.

We hope eCultures Europe becomes an indispensable resource for your brand planning and business and look forward to bringing you fresh insights with our next study.

Cesar Montes · Chief Strategy Officer
Introduction to Engage and G2 eCultures Europe 2012

The launch of the G2 eCultures Europe study reflect our commitment to clients: to partner with them to create powerful and effective marketings communications plans that ultimately maximise Online Consumer Engagement, transforming it into Online Brand Commitment.


Using our proprietary online research tool G2 Engage - our unique online research methodology that uncovers in-depth brand, consumer and shopper insights across multiple channels - this report was developed to provide an deep understanding of the habits and perceptions of consumers in the digital world encompassing the key dimensions of a consumer’s digital life today.


Drawing on a unique collection of data to provide insights and analysis that we hope will become an indispensable tool in your marketing planning process, the report identifies key brand influencers, maps how digital is embedded in the daily vital journey and provides a blueprint for brand marketers’ success in the dynamic and complex digital era.